Right vehicle, Best price, Work ready

myfleet offers a PERSONALIZED SERVICE to find you the right vehicle, at the best price and make sure its work ready. We use decades of experience and our business partner relationships built over many years to source the vehicle solution that is right for you, new or pre-owned, locally or from around the planet. myfleet is proud to provide solutions to customers from KeriKeri to Invercargill, whether it’s 1 vehicle or 100 vehicles, we have a New Zealand wide network to help.

myfleet does the leg work to save you time and money. We maximise supplier discounts and pass them onto you. We can also assist with financing your money saving vehicle package by providing low commmercial rates. myfleet organises and coordinates a vehicle fitout for you and ensures quality products that are designed and built for commercial use.

Together we provide a work ready van, ute, truck, SUV or wagon at the best possible package price.