Online vehicle fleet management.

myfleet online vehicle fleet management measures, records, and automatically updates your fleet data in your own secure part of our website.

There is no software needed, you simply login.

  • Provides you with reminders and records for wof’s, reg, ruc’s, servicing and repairs all from a single page
  • Quick and easy access to archived records for each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Easy one step uploads for data, accessing myfleet‘s NZTA approved database.
  • Ensures your vehicle fleet is compliant and meets work safety requirements.

Personal service.

myfleet is more than an online vehicle fleet management tool.

We believe old school personal relationships are still vital in today’s business. We have vehicle managers to help you with your vehicle fleet, from tutoring the site, planning your vehicle fleet makeup and replacement, accessing the vehicles and more.

Your vehicle manager can be your go to person, helping to take away those time consuming vehicle fleet issues.

At myfleet we work on saving you time and money, let us show you how we can make a difference in your business