GPS tracking/monitoring

myfleet chose to partner with Argus Tracking NZ because they offer the most comprehensive tracking solution available in NZ today.

They have the experience needed to provide an easy to use system. Their commitment to using quality hardware and a considerable portion of their revenue on continuing development are other reasons that set them apart from their peers.

Argus Tracking NZ provide a market leading GPS asset tracking/monitoring solution which is built, managed, run and supported in New Zealand. Their services are provided to a large range of businesses and organisations throughout NZ, including local bodies and government departments.

Argus Tracking NZ has a large share of the New Zealand light vehicle tracking market and it’s systems are designed for businesses and organisations to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve service and provide better duty of care with regard to work safety, enabling our clients to meet compliance with new work safety laws.

Argus Tracking NZ have partnered with myfleet to bring our clients an industry leading fleet management solution at very competitive rates.

Main Benefits of the Argus Tracking NZ

  • Know where your vehicles and staff are 24/7.
  • Monitors driver behaviour and driving habits.
  • Customised driver behaviour analysis reports.
  • Increased productivity through driver awareness.
  • Reduced running costs (reduced mileage/softer driving).
  • Centralised and total overview of fleet and staff performance.
  • Custom geo fencing (no go zones).
  • Improved territorial management.
  • Email or txt alerts as required.
  • Helps you meet work safety laws.